Wine ratings and designation are important

One thing to know is when you see a Wine Rating on a wine, it is a wine made at a winery, by a winemaker that lives and breaths for making the best bottle they can. Using quality grapes from vineyards in highly-rated AVA's and/or personal estate vineyards only add to the quality. The designation will be on the label, the more detailed the location the better.


Artisan winemakers strive to create a wine they can be proud of, a wine they would share with friends and family members. It's their drive, passion and technique that creates award-winning wines. Having the wines rated confirms the quality. The judging notes and reviews describe the aroma, taste and over-all quality you can expect.

Gold Medal Wine Club & The California Wine where the first wine clubs to offer award-winning wines 
gmwc-showing awards-wine-club.JPG

In 1992, Gold Medal Wine Club was born; the name sets the standards for the wines. Finding wineries with Gold Medal winning wines during the early years was a challenge and finding wine outside of California was nearly impossible. Nonetheless, the idea that “The Road to Great Wines Begins at Your Door” became a reality. In April, Gold Medal Wine Club’s inaugural shipment included two bottles (one red and one white) of award-winning wines from Hanna Winery, located in northern California’s Russian River Valley in Sonoma County. Back then, wines of this caliber were not easy to find even in San Francisco, let alone in Oregon, Washington, Illinois, Missouri or the other so-called, reciprocal states. The wine industry was quickly gaining traction and suddenly, fortunate wine enthusiasts in the dozen or so reciprocal states across the country had access to great wines produced in California. Read more of their History >

Not every wine club offers this information about the wines they feature. 

In 1990 Bruce and Pam Boring founded The California Wine Club with the goal to help California's small family wineries introduce their wines to the world. They discovered that small family wineries were the most passionate in the wine world and their wines the hidden gems of wine country. These small wineries handcraft extraordinary wine, but in quantities too limited to be distributed outside their local area.  Hundreds of wines are rejected each year. We are a small business with one goal: ensure the wines we send are ones our members will love. Our promise has always been that we will only feature wines we would proudly serve to our friends and family in our homes, and we mean it.